Final Rehearsal Before District Competition

10/13/2002 -- Dublin, Ohio
Well we are ready. Today was our last rehearsal before the 2002 JAD District Competition. We have tweaked and polished and drilled our 4 songs to death and are ready to let repetition reap its rewards. We are a lucky quartet in that we have always had fun as a group. It's never a chore to get together and practice. Our coach would tell us that the biggest chore is to stop goofing around and to start singing!

We will be opening with Shoo Fly Pie and Apple Pan Dowdy followed by Let's Get Away From It All. We had hoped to sing something else rather than Let's Get Away but it just is too consistent to get rid of. Sometimes a song just works for a quartet and that is our song. Our second night (if we qualify) will be our lone ballad (to show our lighter side...if that exists) You're The One I Love, followed by Sentimental Gentleman from Georgia.

Well that's all for now. Hopefully we will have great news to share after the contest. Either way we wish everyone competing the best of luck. Also, we'll be cheering for our Chorus the Singing Buckeyes to bring the trophy back home where it belongs. Lastly, we should thank our coach, Gary Wulf. We are lucky to have such expertise and talent willing to help us so often. It's not like everybody gets to work with a coach that has helped, Joker's Wild, Marquis, and Platinum all win gold. We are eternally grateful. Until later, that's all for now.
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