Online Jukebox

The following clips are from shows or contests that we've had. If you have coaching pointers drop us a line...we always need a fifth ear! By the way all clips are in mp3 format.

Song Size Description
Sentimental Gentleman From Georgia 392K This is the Ed Waesche arrangement that Revival wowed the crowd with in their 1998 quarterfinal set. It is one of our favorites to sing as well. This clip is the tag from our 2000 JAD Prelims finals night set.

Down on the Corner 379K This is a clip from the title track of our 1st album. It's an 8-part arrangement sung with 2000 JAD District Champion Park Avenue.

In My Room 590K A Classic Beach Boys ballad that always seems to be a crowd favorite. This was one of the first songs that Impulse ever learned. It is straight from the Young Men in Harmony series published by SPEBSQSA.

Let's Get Away From It All 704K This always been one of our favorites to sing. Plus we love the long post!

MLK 786K MLK is a eulogy to Martin Luther King written originally by U2. This arrangement was done by the King Singers and we once again get to share the extra parts with Park Avenue

Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence 910K We think you'll like this one. It's a very haunting melody with some great classic barbershop chords (well maybe not so much barbershop...but you'll love it!)

Put Me To SLeep With an Old Fashioned Melody 611K Arranged by Clay Hine, this is a real fun easy beat song to tap your foot to.

The Scotsman's Kilt 598K One of our favorites. For all the words to this one, you'll have to buy the CD!!!

Spiderman 659K This is kind of an Impulse trademark, but we have to give credit to that great Canadian band, Moxy Fruvous for their inspiration on this one.

Swing Down Chariot 947K A great traditional Gospel with a lot of drive.