2002 JAD District Contest Recap

10/20/2002 -- Lima, OH
Wow. What an amazing weekend Impulse just had. We just got back from the Johnny Appleseed District competition and came home with the 2002 District Quartet Championship Trophy. It was an amazing feeling to hear our names announced at the end of a list of fantastic competitors. We wanted to share a little about the details of the weekend. So here's how it went down....

10/18/2002: 11:46 AM - Friday morning we all drove over to Dublin to meet and carpool out to Lima, OH. We always have fun as a quartet and the fact that we typically travel together is a true sign of that. You've got to get along with each other to spend several hours in car with each other! Jason, Chad, and Richard are at the Kroger's waiting for Mike. "Where is he?" Finally we get a call, he's at another Kroger's 1 exit down the highway. Fortunately, we get together early for contests in case these things happen. We can all laugh about it over lunch when Mike arrives (we eat at Chipotle...they are our official sponsor and it's what powers Impulse).

10/18/2002: 2:12 PM - We check into the hotel and to our delight we were given a giant suite. We had a living room, wet bar (to chill the champagne we brought just in case), card table (perfect for a few euchre games to relax), and plenty of space to rehearse. We couldn't have asked for more. It was a prefect start to the weekend and made up for the morning's mishap.

10/18/2002: 5:45 PM - After some cards, a movie on Chad's laptop, and some warming up, we're off to Kewpee's for a couple burgers. This is an Impulse tradition when in Lima. They have the best greasy burgers on the planet. They got us a silver last year...so we stick with the tradition.

10/18/2002: 9:37 PM - We're walking back stage and feeling pretty confident. As we go backstage we're reminded of how big the stage is here in Lima. We call an audible and decide to come out of the curtain from the middle. It will save us distance and it will separate us from everyone else. We will already be a stark contrast since we look younger than we really are when we're on stage and we are wearing full white suits with bright red satin shirts and ties. We might as well add the entrance to complete to package.

10/18/2002: 9:45 PM - We crushed it...but...there was one vocal glitch in the middle of the first song. We heard it within and weren't sure how bad it was to the listeners. We don't usually like to listen to the first night tape until after the contest. We vow not too this time either...but it's driving us crazy. After chatting with elated coaches and fans, we are felling more confident. It obviously was worse to us than to the audience.

10/18/2002: 11:21 PM - Made the cut and will get some sleep to prepare for tomorrow

10/19/2002: 7:24 AM - We're off to the Singing Buckeyes morning breakfast to see friends and begin to prep for the chorus contest. Richard and Mike have to sing today while Chad and Jason plot the noise making section for the afternoon contest. Everyone congratulates us on a good first night and can't wait for night two. That gives us more confidence and eases our mind for the day.

10/19/2002: 10:45 AM - Jason and Chad go off to get roses for our jackets for the second night set, and roses for the Impulse ladies since it is sweetest day today. The glitch from last night is still driving us crazy and we can't resist...we have to listen to the tape of the first set. Turns out the crowd was right, it was minimal and the set was smoking. Finally the knot in our gut went away and we could relax and move on.

10/19/2002: 6:34 PM - After a disappointing result to the chorus competition (it was different on Jason and Chad's scorecards) we were back into the cycle getting ready for finals night. We're feeling good, everyone is in good voice and ready to go get the job done. It's nice to have to feeling of being totally prepared. All we have to focus on is taking our rehearsal to the stage.

10/19/2002: 9:12 PM - Again we choose to enter the stage from the center curtain. It worked well last night and will give us more time to set the mood for the ballad. We're ready...."We have 2 lights....Please close the doors and find your seat...."

10/19/2002: 9:20 PM - YYYYEEEESSSS!!! 2 more songs down and no problems. Everything went just as we rehearsed. Now we enjoy the rest of the contest and wait for the results.

10/19/2002: 10:53 PM - "In 5th place...Wired For Sound". Well here we go, 4 spots left and the nerves starting to grow. "In 4th place...Hot Air Buffoons". Wow...neither of those quartets had top 5 qualifying scores. That leaves the top 3 scoring quartets from the West and the top 2 from the East to claim the final 3 spots. The nerves continue to grow. "In 3rd place....InSight". Ok, last years 4th place medalists. That's expected. But only 2 spots left. "In 2nd Place...You Bet!" Oh, man....there is only 1 spot left and the 2 division champions are still left. That means one of us didn't even medal! In JAD the past champs give out the trophies and for some reason Matrix, the 2001 champs gave out the 2nd place medals. That seemed a little strange and then we began to feel confident as we hoped we knew why. "In 1st place and your 2002 JAD District Champion...IMPULSE!!!....and presenting their trophies is the 2000 District Champion, Park Avenue." We knew it. Jason and Chad's father sings with Park Avenue and they are dear friends of ours (we even did a CD together). They found out ahead of time and arranged to switch the order to allow them to present us with the trophies. What an amazing and special moment. JAD has such a rich heritage of quartets that being a part of that fraternity of champs is something we truly cherish.

10/19/2002: 11:23 PM - The champagne bursts open in the suite and the celebration begins.

10/19/2002: 2:15 AM - No more hospitality rooms left to sing at, no more bottles of champagne to drink, but we're still riding high. We don't want the night to end.

10/20/2002: 9:35 AM - Time to head home....a Champion. What a great weekend. We will never forget it.
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