Our Lives Get Hectic

3/27/2003 -- Columbus, OH
We have been working really hard recently considering the amazing amount of changes to our personal lives. For those who don't know all the details let me fill you in on what all has transpired over the last 6 months of our Impulse lives.

Since the beginning of 2003 our quartet has had to cope with some dramatic changes to our typical routine. Chad has flown over 40,000 miles stretching from LA to Boston for his work and has been in 8 states during that stretch. Mike Byrley got engaged and moved to Chicago to seek new employment and a new life with his lovely wife to be. Jason and his wife recently became the proud parents of their second baby boy, Michael Ryan (the Wulf quartet is filling out nicely)! Fortunately, Richard has been the lone cornerstone for the quartet (they say the bass is the foundation for the quartet, right?). Despite all these life events, Impulse remains as busy as ever. This spring we have had the top gun school, COTS, the international prelims competition, and a hefty 9 shows for 4 different chapters. For those worried about the future for Impulse, we can never promise anything, but we have placed show bids into the 2005 show season!
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