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The inspiration for our favorite song.

If case you were wondering...Santa is a bass.

The Singing Buckeyes room at 2002 District.

Break out the Champagne for the new champs!

Mikey likes it.

Not sure what is going on here. It must be late.


So it looks a like that, huh? (Our 2002 1st place medal)

Hospitality room at the 2002 district contest.

The ever popular Spiderman at the afterglow.

Wow! So that is why we spent so many hours working 1 phrase at a time. It is worth it.

Do we look happy? It`s hard to tell.

The big announcement is made. Impulse 2002 JAD Champs!

Anyone know where we can get some beer?

Still Celebrating...

At the Mulbach Hotel in Kansas City with the OC Cash Society Plaque